Responsibilities of a builder

Responsibilities of a builder

Building guidelines

The Builder East Hyde is required to follow the building regulations. The rules vary depending on the type of construction—apartments, shopping centers, high skyscrapers, etc. The National Building Code contains the fundamental standards a builder must adhere to when constructing a residential flat (NBC).

NBC lists the necessities for an apartment:


In most Indian cities, installing fire safety precautions by construction codes is now required. The rules for fire prevention in a structure are outlined in NBC Part 4. It outlines the construction, habitation, and safety measures required to reduce the risk of property damage and human life during a fire in a structure.

The Loft Conversion East Hyde maintains the structural plans and foundation by the code. The use of steel beams in general building construction is covered in Part 6 of the NBC, along with general structural uses of plain and reinforced concrete, welded construction, and hot-rolled steel sections and tubes. It is necessary to adhere to specifications like the railing on a staircase with a minimum height of 90 cm and balusters with a minimum width of 10 cm, among others.


Plumbing systems like those for water supply, drainage, sanitation, and gas should be planned, designed, built, and installed in line with NBC. Water supply, drainage, and sanitation are covered under section 1 of Part 9 of NBC, which is devoted to plumbing services. Namely, the building and upkeep of drains for sewage, surface water, subsurface water, and water needed for residential developments.


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